Gratitude in Rehab Fortifies Addiction Recovery

One of the tenets for lasting sobriety, and freedom from drugs, is gratitude. You may have come into a rehabilitation center with a loss of self-respect, remorse, self-loathing, anger and befuddlement. You may ask, How did I get here? This is not the time to worry about that. The only thing you have to do right now is stay in the moment and be grateful you made it into recovery.

After you have been admitted and undergone a medical examination, a staff member will show you to your room. You may have a single, or a double with a roommate. Be grateful for a clean room and fresh linens on your bed. From here on you will be on a schedule. From meals to group therapy, to individual therapy, physical exercise, discussions, short breaks and addiction education. Be grateful for it all.

Be grateful is a suggestion. You might not feel grateful, but you can fake it. There’s a lot of adjustments to make when you enter a rehab. You may feel trapped and think, I have to get out of this place because I need a drink right now. Somehow you know that drinking is what got you into the rehab in the first place. Be grateful you are in there instead of in a drunken stupor on the couch, or worse on a city heating grate or a park bench.

Being grateful may not come automatically to you because you are using all of your energy to get from one moment to the next without a drink or a drug. Be grateful you can’t get to a liquor store or your dealer. The craving will ease with each passing day and you will probably begin to feel better.

The drugs and alcohol blocked you from yourself. They changed the way in which your brain functioned, so that you may have taken on unpleasant, violent, nasty, unkind or inconsiderate behaviors. In short you life became short-circuited with only one focus, and that was where, when and how am I going to get my next drink or drug. Be grateful the fog of your obsession will lift a bit each day you are in the rehab.

Many people who work in rehabs have been in recovery for a long time. They know and understand the self-doubts and fears you may be experiencing right now. Be grateful for their compassion and guidance. One day you may come to be authentically grateful for your life in which there are so many opportunities ahead of you.

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