What If I Hate Alcoholics Anonymous?

Who says you have to like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)? Hate is a strong word. Consider the reasons for the way you feel about it? Is it the slogans or the use of the word God? Do you dislike the people? Do you feel controlled? Another question to ask is, what is my resistance?

AA was founded in 1935, and as you know, it still exists. If you decided to get sober on your own, why did you choose to go to AA? Maybe it’s because you needed help, knew about AA and had nowhere else to turn?

Now that you have some days or weeks of sobriety behind you, you decide that AA is not for you. Your reason could stem from any of the aforementioned questions, or you may have other reasons. Nobody is making you stay in AA, but perhaps you might want to ask yourself if your hate for the program is really about slogans, the structure, or the word God (which you can substitute for anything you want)? Your dismissal of AA might not have anything to do with these things either.

Maybe you hate AA because it is keeping you from the drink you secretly want. Maybe you feel forced, by a parent or guardian, to attend meetings, so you’re pushing back with hate. Whatever the reason, please remember that many people who go to AA stay sober for the rest of their lives. Everyone probably has one beef or another about the program. It could be the inconsiderate alcoholic who talks way too long or lousy coffee. In sobriety and in life it is to our benefit to learn and practice tolerance because it frees up so much energy that we can devote to positive goals.

Hate AA if you want, but don’t just quit. Please think about changing your attitude. It would be like going to a job you hate. Everyday you go to work, and all day long you keep telling yourself you hate your job. You live in that hate. Consider changing your attitude by saying, I am going to tolerate my job. See how much your energy level and outlook improves. Try applying tolerance to AA. Changing ourselves is a good thing in recovery!

“Tolerance is the oil which takes the friction out of life.”Wilbert E. Scheer

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