Healing from Childhood Trauma

Healing from childhood trauma can take a lifetime. Don’t be discouraged by this. Think of it as a pie. We’ll get to the pie later. First, becoming aware we suffered from childhood trauma can be devastating. Who wants to think about, let alone come to terms with the thought our small body was violated sexually, physically or emotionally.

Childhood traumas are often stored in a part of our brain we can’t access. That is, until we are at a time and place where we are ready to process them. Sometimes a difficult event pries open a previously blocked channel to a memory.

Symptoms of childhood trauma can present themselves long before we realize what we’ve been endured. As a teenager we can gain weight, recklessly take drugs, drink alcohol, take unnecessary risks, start cutting, and act out in school. When we reach adulthood, our self-destructive patterns may abate when we take a responsible job, only to surface later.

When we work with a therapist we’ll begin to uncover painful realizations about our past. We’ll learn why we escaped through substance abuse and other negative behaviors. We may be diagnosed with depression, another disorder like anxiety, or both. The therapist provides us with a safe environment in which to face all this tough stuff.

Let’s say we see the therapist for three years. We think we’re on the right track and suddenly we plummet. An event has triggered an old memory. When next we go to therapy, we feel sideswiped by this old feeling. Didn’t we cover that stuff already? Here’s where the pie comes in. Our first awareness of an abuse took an inch off the top of our pie. Time has passed and we are looking at the pie from a different angle—we are ready to go deeper.

More years pass, we’ve been feeling so much better and haven’t felt the need to see a therapist for a long time. Out of the blue something awful happens, triggers us, and we find ourselves depressed or acting out. Again, we thought we had been cured. It seemed we practiced our coping skills for decades. The crust at the bottom of our pie is even showing! What the heck? Will we ever heal from childhood trauma? Yes and the point is, we’ve been healing all along! Healing from childhood trauma is a process. Stuff comes up, but each time we cope better and better, and there we are a whole and fully integrated person.

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