Holistic Healing Can Be A Family Approach To Recovery

Addiction and alcoholism are disorders experienced by an individual. Chemically dependent upon drugs and alcohol, the experience of addiction is personal. Uniquely, addiction affects more than the person who is addicted. For this reason, addiction is often called a family disease. Family members, friends, associates, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances and more people are affected when someone they know and love is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol addiction changes the way someone thinks, behaves, and participates in life. As a result, everyone that they interact with is being affected by drugs and alcohol as well, by proxy.

When a loved one struggling with addiction decides to get help by attending a treatment program, the whole family has a chance to recover. Loving, supporting, and trying to help an addict in the family is exhausting for everyone. By the time a loved one decides to go to treatment, the entire family is tired, broken, and depleted. During the treatment process, a loved one will likely be experiencing holistic forms of therapy. Addiction is a sickness that weakens the mind, the body, and the spirit. In additional to daily therapy and work on mental health, it is critical for those in treatment to experience therapy for the body as well as the spirit. Holistic healing modalities like massage, yoga, meditation, chiropractic work, acupuncture, and many more concurrently heal the mind, body, and spirit. A form of therapy for a loved one in treatment, holistic healing modalities can be a form of self-care and therapy for the family outside of the treatment center.

Family members are often confused by the luxurious offerings of a treatment program in which their loved one is supposed to be working on their addiction. There is a limited amount of information in mainstream culture about how intensely addiction affects the holistic self. Working through old traumas, new emotions, and the daily challenge of staying sober creates a tremendous amount of stress. Stress triggers the brain to crave drugs and alcohol. A large component of the treatment process is educating a loved one on how to manage their stress and take care of themselves in a deeply healing way in order to inhibit cravings of the brain and body. Family members on the outside can benefit from this healing and relaxation as well.

Adopting a family lifestyle of holistic care encourages regular self-care and healing, encouraging the entire family to relax, to heal, and to recover together.

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