Is Humility a Personality Trait or a Value?

Humility is a matter of finding value in the right places. Defined, humility means having a low or modest view of oneself and being humble. In recovery, being humble is defined as being teachable. Humbleness can also be defined as having a low or modest view, but specifically toward one’s importance. Being humble and having humility doesn’t mean that you think lowly of yourself in a negative context. Rather, being humble and having humility means that you recognize your position as a human in the global context. You recognize that who you are is no different than who other people are. All humans are having the same experience, just with unique circumstances. To have a low view of one’s self and to be teachable means you value of not leading an ego-driven life. Instead of being defined by external value, like money and social relationships, you place your value on being humble, on having humility, and learning. Humility is a value of learning to have humility and be more humble.

Values are different from traits. Humbleness and humility are values because they can be taught, learned, and practiced. Personality traits are parts of who we are, which can sometimes be changed. Part of our personality might be valuing qualities like humbleness and humility. An ego driven personality will not value learning. Having the values of humility and humbleness permanently enrolling them in the school of life.


Why Humility Is Important For Recovery

When you approach someone who is struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, it is likely that you will be met with denial. Many who struggle with addiction are burdened with an ego. They know better than others. Addicts and alcoholics know how to stop, when to stop, on their own. They don’t need help. They don’t have a problem. They know better. The amount of drugs and a alcohol they are abusing isn’t too much and it isn’t anything anyone else could know about. Knowing everything, they close themselves off to suggestion. Too often, this tragically leads to the end of their life, letting the ego of their addiction stand in the way of their opportunity to recover. It takes a monumental moment of humility for an addict or an alcoholic to admit that they don’t know everything. In truth, they don’t know how to stop. They aren’t sure how they will stay stopped. Humbly, they ask for guidance, forgiveness, and help. Cultivating humility and humbleness are important for long lasting recovery.


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