Why Do I Keep Losing Control of My Emotions?

Is losing control of emotions like, anger, fear, and sadness, seemingly wrecking your life? Have you tried to do something about it? Have you looked into counseling? Drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs could be one of the culprits for loss of control? There are also mental health disorders like depression and anxiety that can be at the root of anger. Other serious mental health conditions like PTSD, antisocial personality disorder, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder can cause severe outbursts of anger. People who have these disorders may have little control over them and need rigorous mental health treatment.

Considering the possibility a recovering addict or alcoholic may have a dual diagnosis, losing control of their anger would be symptomatic of the diagnoses. Others in recovery may lose control of their anger because they have too much going on—they are full to the brink. The word brink is often followed by the word disaster? There’s no space left to handle one more thing, so out comes anger. Anger is a disaster for relationships, work and one’s health. Of course anger, in some situations, like having your car door torn off by a careless driver, and fearing for your life at the same time, is appropriate and healthy.

In addition to anger, people can be sad all the time and have little or no control over their tears.  If you are such a person, consider getting some therapy. You might be depressed, and there could be underlying reasons for your depression. Once you dig out the roots, you’ll have a much better chance to build a balanced and fulfilling life.

Being afraid a great deal of the time is extremely exhausting. The person who is constantly afraid may look to find relief. They are at a great risk for becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. They could have served in the military and endured horrifying events. There’s no limit to the traumas people suffer that result in PTSD, hypervigilant behavior or anxiety disorders. Maybe they look under the bed every night to make sure no one is there, sit in the back row of the movie theater, or constantly look over their shoulder as they walk down the street. They must have a good reason for doing these things, but don’t have to suffer the rest of their life. There’s help out there.

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