Knowing Your Limits

Knowing your limits, when it comes to recovery from an addiction, can be a lifesaver in terms of maintaining sobriety. Doing too much or doing more than is expected of you can add to your stress level. One focus of maintaining sobriety tends to be about keeping your stress level in check. The idea of maintaining sobriety should include your comfort zone, your level of commitment to healing, the amount of peace you hold in your heart and the love you receive and give to others.

For those of you new to sobriety, there can be a learning curve to knowing your limits. Like with anything new in sobriety, it takes practice to change behaviors. Knowing your limits is no exception. Being curious about your moods can be a barometer for recognizing your limitations. Why am I feeling so irritable? Why am I so impatient with the speed of the checkout line? In general, why is every little inconvenience making me want to explode into anger?  

Questioning your bad mood can lead you to the source of it. I have too much on my plate. I can’t possibly work another weekend. Whatever the reason, you can then think about how you got into the situation of doing too much. This is about observing how you react to demands, not about placing any blame on yourself or others.

Sometimes you have no control over situations in life, and your limitations are naturally stretched. The point is to become aware of your limitations. By doing this you can keep your life in better balance. Balance is one large component to mental and physical health. When you do too much, your nervous system can be compromised.

Since everything in the body is connected, being bombarded with too many emotions could put you up against the wall, and lead to a breaking point with sobriety. Think of yourself as a daisy. The rain buffets your petals, but your center is strong and keeps you whole. Your sober mind is your center and responsible for keeping you sober. There is much too be aware of in sobriety, and it takes time to put everything in balance. Knowing your limits gives you an advantage. Learning to say no takes courage, but you can do it.

“Saying no can be the ultimate self-care.” Claudia Black

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