Learning about Addiction: What You Need to Understand

Addiction is not having the ability to stop taking drugs. Even if you started taking drugs for pain relief, you can still risk becoming addicted. That’s because taken over time, drugs affect the dopamine levels in your brain. Your brain in turn says, there’s too much of this substance in my body and it takes action to reduce the effect. When next you take the drug, it doesn’t provide the same relief or high. You increase your intake level. At some point the barbs of addiction have hold of you and shut down your ability to control your intake. Addiction is a chronic disease in which relapse can occur because a compulsive pattern is established.

People don’t set out to become addicted. Drugs interfere with life in adverse ways. When addicted the brain functions like its covered in gauze and goo. The ability to learn is impaired, and one is more likely to get kicked out of school. The ability to handle stress is weakened, which causes one to become more reactive. This can lead to job loss.

Addicts lose their ability to make good decisions. Addiction causes serious behavioral changes in judgement. An addict may become prone to lying and manipulating. In order to get the money for the next fix, an addict can commit criminal acts.

Addiction can cause serious decline in physical health. Drug addicts are at risk for heart attack, stroke, vulnerability to infection, gum disease, and extenuating mental health health disorders.

The reasons for one person becoming addicted and another not, can be attributed to  environmental, developmental or genetic make up. There’s no litmus test for becoming an addict. Where a person grew up, the kids they hung out with, who they married, if they are LGBT, doesn’t determine whether they will become an addict. However, the more at risk a person is from childhood forward, the greater the chance taking drugs might lead to addiction.

There are many things to learn about addiction. Drug addiction is treatable. It’s also preventable. Community, state and national outreach is growing. Teachers, parents and the public are working to improve awareness of drug addiction. The more children learn about the harmful effects of addiction, the more likely they are to steer clear. Prevention is a laudable goal.

If you suffer from addiction, professionals are ready to help you. Don’t give up hope.  Hope is a powerful healer.


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