Why Are Life Skills Important For Recovery?

People feel like they lose their lives to addiction. Their sentiments are not without merit. Drugs and alcohol become as much of a lifestyle as a life saver when the brain and body become chemically dependent. The brain becomes addicted to addiction in such a way that it values drugs and alcohol over everything else, including basic survival skills like eating and sleeping. As a result, many parts of life that require basic skill building fall to the wayside. Someone who is in active addiction develops methods of survival which many might not define as truly living. Life skills, the things that one needs to know how to do for themselves in order to thrive, are important for this reason.

Why Life Skills Help In Staying Sober

One experience which stands out for many in recovery is the first time they go grocery shopping. It isn’t likely that they were always under the influence of drugs when they went to the grocery store. Addiction doesn’t look just one way in people. Plenty of addicts might have been high functioning and successful chefs! However, addiction permeates one’s entire life. Perhaps they weren’t actively intoxicated, but their bodies were under a persistent influence of mind altering substances. Going to the grocery store for the first time can be overwhelming. Recovery changes everything about one’s life. They wonder if they know how to cook, if they even know what they want to eat, and how they’ll be able to make a decision as far into the future as tomorrow.

The “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous describes alcoholics as men who have lost their legs. Recovery can feel like learning to walk and talk again. Basic life skills help support the recovering addict and alcoholic in getting back on their feet and learning to truly live again.

What Life Skills Are Taught In Treatment?

REcovery should be a holistic experience of mind, body, and spirit. Taking care of all three is essential for successful recovery. Life skills can include cooking, budgeting, making a grocery list, doing laundry, relapse prevention planning, health and wellness, medication management, vocational training, applying for jobs, and more.

Start the new year with a new take on life. Recovery is your new chance at living. Lasting recovery is possible through infinite change. At Infinity Malibu, our clinical program is run by leaders in the addiction field. Providing cutting edge treatments, our program offers a transformative process. Infinite change. Infinite recovery. Call us today for information: 888-266-9048

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