Life Skills That Have Nothing to do With Responsibility

We have responsibilities to ourselves, to others, and to the many parts of our life for which we are accountable. Life skills are the many different social, emotional, and relational skills that help us maintain those responsibilities. We also have responsibilities which might be considered more spiritual in nature. These responsibilities are to ourselves, to others, and everyone in the world around us. The kinds of topics you might find in self-help books, these life skills have nothing to do with real responsibilities. These life skills have everything to do with living a more happy, spiritual, and productive life.

Don’t take things personally or too seriously

Life is serious. Addiction is serious. Recovery is serious. We can’t take it all too seriously. There are a million and one things happening in the world that are serious beyond our comprehension. At once, we have to be open-minded and strong enough to take on the compassion and empathy which comes with connecting to the human experience. At the same time, we have to guard a part of ourselves in order to maintain our energy, continuing giving, and continue receiving. We cannot take things too personally or too seriously because we wouldn’t be able to bear the burden of it. Not taking things too seriously or too personally is a method for survival. We take everything with a grain of salt, keep our footing grounded in the present moment, and most importantly, continue living one day at a time.

Be teachable

Humility and humbleness are key character traits as well as principles to develop in recovery. Having an appropriate view of ourselves in comparison to others helps us maintain a realistic perspective on our recovery. Too much ego or too much low self-esteem can create imbalance and trigger our underlying issues which could trigger our brains toward relapse. Knowing everything isn’t as fun as it seems. It is our ego which tells us we know better about addiction than the professionals who are educating us, for example. We can easily know ourselves right out of recovery. Taking suggestions, learning, and being open to learning is the way we continue to grow in recovery and in life.


Life is boring without taking chances. Recklessness and irresponsibility are common behaviors for addicts and alcoholics. Living fearlessly with a little bit of trust isn’t necessarily acting recklessly. We have to be willing to trust- trust in ourselves, trust in our treatment providers, and trust in the people telling us it will get better. By trusting, we live less in fear. Recovery is about escaping the imprisonments of life. Fear is one of them.


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