Lightening Up in Recovery

Recovery from a substance addiction can be all consuming. You have to deal with the consequences of the disease, and what effect they’ve had on you mental and physical health. There could be the need for you to go to a rehab that specializes in addiction treatment. Then there’s the chance you could have a dual diagnosis such as depression, which also needs to be treated.

After you’ve begun recovery, whether in treatment or through a support group, you have to learn how to handle feelings such as guilt, shame, embarrassment, loneliness and anger. A therapist can work with you to sort out your priorities in recovery and help you move forward with your healing. Healing takes time. It can be hard and sometimes painful. The good news is that healing from an addiction and other disorders can be actualized. Your attitude along with the time and energy you put into it will have significant rewards.

Many of the factors about recovery, as mentioned above, are best handled one by one, not all at once. Accepting the condition and situation an addiction has put you in is critical to your recovery. Have you heard the saying, you can’t beat city hall? Recovery is like that. You can’t beat it, nor is it about winning—it’s a process.

Part of the process of recovering is lightening up and learning not to take yourself so seriously. It’s not that you’re going to scoff at your treatment plans or your therapist. You’re going to learn that you’re bound to have ups and downs. When you’re down, you don’t have to go to bed and pull the covers over your head. You can witness your feelings and know that you’ll feel better tomorrow or the next day. That’s why a slogan like, this too shall pass, is relevant in recovery. You might not think you’ll ever feel better, but chances are pretty good, you will.

Lightening up is part of the process of accepting an addiction. Learning to laugh at yourself takes time and is an act of faith in yourself and bravery. By laughing at, rather than scolding yourself, you give yourself permission to be human again. Congratulations!

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”— Dolly Parton

Infinite change, and lasting recovery, are two of the hallmarks of Infinity Malibu, a rehab for those with a substance addiction. In combination with best practices, we offer holistic therapies such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and equine therapy. Make the most out of you willingness to recover, by calling us today. 888-266-9048

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