Loners and Recovery

Loners resistance to social settings work against them in sobriety. Loners can have a harder time in sobriety because of their need for privacy. Loners are not joiners, they tend: to keep their personal matters, as well as their opinions private; not to reach out to others; and not participate in small talk or casual conversations. Reports have shown that loner’s reactions to meetings can be negative. They will rely on their willpower not to drink, and meetings to them can seem religious. Loners may disparage local meetings, and determine their drinking wasn’t as bad as others, thus making them at risk for relapse.

Loners defenses and objections to meetings can stem from social anxiety or social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety disorder is different from everyday anxiety, which occurs when one has to give a presentation, or they are in the lineup for jury duty. Social anxiety disorder is defined by everyday situations and interactions that cause disturbing amounts of fear, self-consciousness and anxiety because the person is afraid of being judged and scrutinized by others.

If your are a loner, give therapy a chance. You certainly don’t want to relapse. Those nights at home when you first started drinking made you feel better. Alcohol, initially gave you a high. Drinking on your own felt good—at first. You continued drinking and the progressive disease took over. You drank more because you felt depressed. You didn’t know that alcohol is a depressant. Now you are here with a choice and an opportunity. Give therapy a chance! You have everything to gain.

Your therapist and you will discover the root of your fears and slowly address them. The relationship you build with your therapist can be instrumental for acquiring skills that lead to a balanced and enjoyable life. There’s no need to live with anxiety, to feel danger is imminent the minute you walk into a meeting or social gathering. Recovery is not about punishing yourself by being self negligent and resistant to change.

In addition to sustaining your sobriety, you have the opportunity to make a new friend. The key is to observe someone you feel you’d like to get to know better. Go slowly and trust your gut. You are a good person who deserves companionship. Sure it can be scary, but someone else might be just as scared as you. You can reach out, and just think, you’ll have someone to accompany you to the movies who might need companionship, too.

Step out into the world again. Discover the color of moss, make a new friend.

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