How Long Can Alcoholism Last Before There Is a Problem?

The problem of alcoholism begins the minute you pick up a drink and can’t stop. The hard truth is that once you are an alcoholic, you’ll always be one. It doesn’t go away. There is no need to feel hopeless about this because alcoholism is a treatable disease. Once you put down the drink for good, and seek help, you are on your way to a better life.

Some theorists reject the truth about alcoholism. Programs exist that play right into the addiction by promoting the idea that an alcoholic can drink in safety again. Please don’t buy it! Alcoholics who return to sobriety, after trying one drink, report their decline into uncontrollable drinking was rapid and merciless.

A major sign and component of alcoholism is denial. Alcoholics try to hide their drinking from others and deny how much they consume in a day. When confronted by family and friends about their drinking and change in behavior, they deny they have a problem. Other signs of alcoholism include: drinking until you pass out, friends have to drive you home from parties, you can’t remember what you did the night before (blackouts), your physical health declines, you lose your job or get kicked out of school, and your mental health worsens.

There are three stages to alcoholism: early, chronic and end stage. In the early stages a person can just plain drink too much. Since alcoholism is a disease of progression a person starts by making lunch dates at places that serve alcohol. A beer or glass of wine might slow them down at work, but they still choose to have one. People in their early stages drink a lot during the week and on weekends. The more they consume the more they want. Chronic alcoholics drink everyday and have been doing so for a number of years. They plan when and where they are going to drink. In addition to the decline in health, their jobs, school and family are impacted. End-stage alcoholics only care about drinking, and are at a great risk for death.

How long can alcoholism last before there’s a problem? By the time you reach an alcoholic state your problems have already begun. They may be hard to recognize because of denial, but they are nonetheless present. When you get sober, you still have the challenge of maintaining your sobriety. Getting sober and into recovery is the healthy and promising direction in which to focus! You can do it!

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