Make Key Attitude & Behavior Changes

Why should I change? The only thing wrong with me is taking too many pain pills. We come into recovery with negative attitudes sharpened by months, years or decades of addiction. We don’t take responsibility for our joys and disappointments. Everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault. They are always trying to rip me off.

Alongside blaming, is the me first attitude. I don’t care if it’s her birthday, I’m going to the ballgame. Recycling takes too much time out of my day. It’s his turn to do the dishes. Another negative attitude is jealousy. She always favors him over me. Why does he always get the good deals? Then there’s apathy in which people say, I could care less, and cynicism, which can be seen on bumper stickers, Life sucks and then you die.

Have you got the picture of some of the various negative attitudes we can harbor? Whatever form we use, our attitude directly correlates with our mental health. If we are perpetually negative, we’ll attract negative responses. Negativity becomes a vicious cycle. The same goes for our behaviors. If we show kindness towards others, chances are kindness will be shown to us.

Drinking and taking drugs affects our attitudes and behaviors. It’s the nature of the beasts. In addition to putting down the drink or drug, the success of lasting recovery has a great deal to do with making changes within ourselves. We have to be willing to take a hard look at our attitudes and behaviors. We have to understand that beating ourselves up about our them is counter productive. Learning to forgive ourselves is key.

Once we begin sorting out, and doing the hard work of acknowledging our negative attitudes and behaviors, we can then become a witness to them. Oh, there’s my selfishness again. I’m feeling resentful. Witnessing and naming attitudes and behaviors we want to change is a huge step. Can we change overnight? Probably not, but now we have the tools. We can practice and put positive energy out there in the world.

Of course we can’t change all the things that we feel downhearted about, but we can change ourselves. We can have hope, and we can feel a whole lot more alive. When you take responsibility for your attitudes and behaviors, you’re on your way to a lasting sober and clean life. You won’t regret it one bit!

Changing ourselves become easier, once we learn to witness our own behaviors and attitudes.

Infinity Malibu gives you the space and time to change. When you walk on the beach you can compare the power to change with the power of the waves. We know a beautiful person (you) is ready for change. Call today for more information. Our center is beautiful, clean and offers premium care and help. 855-608-8495

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