They Make Me Work Overtime

Corporations and many of their Chief Executive Officers (CEO) generally don’t care if you are inconvenienced by overtime. Their job is to make and exceed financial goals, and please their shareholders. CEOs delegate daily operations to company vice presidents, down to middle managers, who in turn puts the responsibility onto the supervisors who control you.

When you are at the bottom of the rung, you have little control over your work time, except for a few labor laws. What are your options if your supervisor says you have to work overtime? If you are a woman with children at home, and your husband or spouse can greet them at the bus stop, great. If not, then you can scramble for a babysitter. Resolving childcare can be stressful.

You can tell your supervisor, I’m unable to work overtime today or this week. In the future, I’ll need a fews days notice before I can commit to overtime. He or she may not be pleased. You, on the other hand, have the worry about being fired or demoted. It’s natural to be concerned about losing your job. You have financial responsibilities, children to feed and clothe, school, house or car loans to pay off.  

Some of your colleagues may not feel the burden of overtime. It’s extra money for the holidays, they are workaholics and don’t appear to have any social life. For them, it’s the company!

As you navigate this tricky overtime situation, it’s a good idea not to give one ounce of your energy to guilt or comparison to coworkers.

Let’s say you’re really ticked off about having to work overtime. Except for quitting, you don’t have any options when it comes to the demands an employer puts on you. You can’t change them, but you can change your attitude. This doesn’t mean you have to capitulate by thinking an employer’s lack of sensitivity to their employees time is hunkey dorey. Letting your resistance go a tiny bit can lower your stress level and make the overtime more bearable.

Your brain can only handle so much work before it’s capacity to function properly in affected. While you may have a pressing deadline, it is still good to take breaks during your normal business work hours and especially when you have to work overtime. Meditating or taking slow breaths for five minutes can do wonders for you and the negative effect stress has on your brain and body as a whole.

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