How Do I Manage My Health In Early Recovery?

Now that you are in recovery you probably recognize how much you abused and neglected your body. Your organs were compromised and may have been damaged. As for your brain, well, it was usurped by your drug of choice. Chemicals from drugs and alcohol altered their function and in turn change your behavior and moods.

When you are new to recovery it is a smart idea to take special care of both your physical self, and mental well-being. As you may know your body and mind are connected. In fact your body is one incredible system. Managing your health revolves around intention and commitment to lead a healthy life. You got sober! You’ve already begun.

There can be new found hope and energy in recovery. You can use this to benefit your health.

Areas to look into for managing health include: nutrition, exercise, therapy, meetings, physicals exams, and managing your time.

Part of managing your health involves proper nutrition. It can be difficult to give up the habit of buying a bag of chips, soft drink or candy at a store or vending machine. Likewise, changing what you cook for meals is a challenge. We are a society stuck on fast, fast, fast! Cooking a well-balanced meal takes time and know-how. Thousands of products contain terrible ingredients and harmful chemicals. They profess to have less fat, but to make up for taste by adding sugar. Managing your nutrition is good for your body and mind. You have healthy choices to make.

Piggy backing on nutrition is time management. Figure out your priorities. Do you want to watch the news or go for a bicycle ride? If you get a good night’s sleep, you’ll have more energy in the morning. You could set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than usual. Now you won’t have to rush into your day and get stressed. Consider how much time you spend on social media. Instead, you could be in that class you always wanted to take.

Instead of eating at your desk or the cafeteria at work, take a walk. 30 minutes is a good amount of time to walk, but even 15 minutes will benefit both your body and mind. Walking helps lower your stress level, and it’s good for your muscles. Walking helps you maintain or lose weight. Exercise of any kind is beneficial, especially outdoors.

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