How do I Manage my Medication after Treatment?

During the treatment process, a client is not responsible for managing their own medication. Among the various responsibilities a client needs to learn to be accountable for everyday in the first few months of the recovery process, managing medication is not a priority. Medication management on the behalf of clients is a dangerous vulnerability while they are still experiencing symptoms of withdrawal, which includes severe cravings. Medication misuse is an easy slip into relapse which disrupts the recovery process. Clients need to focus on their emotional, physical, and spiritual healing as they go through treatment. Doctors will be on site at residential treatment centers to prescribe medications. Having  the medications filled is the responsibility of the treatment center as is administering medications at the right time of day. As treatment levels decrease, the responsibility for medication increases. Clients will become responsible for handling their medication on their own, getting their prescriptions filled, going to the pharmacy, and eventually becoming completely dependent in their medication management.

After many weeks, possibly months, of not managing their own medication, the task  can be overwhelming. It is common for clients to forget to take their medications, forget to call doctors for refills or for appointments to make refills, or to call the pharmacy. Medication management takes time and practice. However, medication mismanagement can become a negative habit that continues on throughout life. Medication mismanagement will result in missed doses and lapses in treatment, which can cause problems for mental health and sometimes physical health.

Keep A Visual List Of Medications

On your refrigerator, your pantry door, your bathroom mirror, or your bedroom door- wherever is the most obvious to you- keep a list of your current medications and how often you need to take them.

Carry around a pill box

If you know you are going to be out and about when you are supposed to take a medication, put it in a little pill box and carry it with you. Set an alarm on your phone for an hour before your medication, fifteen minutes before your medication, and at the time you are supposed to take your medication.

Download A Medication Management App

There are many apps to help you manage your different medications, prescriptions, and even vitamins. Your pharmacy will likely have an app from which you can manage refills, prescriptions, and get reminders to pick up a new prescription. Other apps help you log your medications, when you fill them, and how much you are supposed to take. Apps have developed accountability tools for your medication management as well- if you forget to take a medication or don’t log in, the app sends a text or email to a family member or sponsor who will then hold you accountable.

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