Marijuana Use May Worsen Depression

Evidence has been found of the harmful relationship between marijuana use and depression, but the information available is not considered conclusive to make a definite statement. Proponents of the medical use of marijuana have suggested that the use of marijuana may help to alleviate symptoms of depression and should be used as a treatment. A severe lack of scientifically proven evidence makes it difficult to proclaim whether or not marijuana use will actually worsen depression or not. Anecdotal evidence from people who have experienced depression in addition to a marijuana use disorder can provide insight to the relationship between the two.

Depression is a leading mental health disorder globally. The World Health Organization has estimated that nearly 350 million people are struggling with depression worldwide. Only a small percentage of those people are aware that they have depression. An even smaller percentage of those who are struggling with depression are aware they have depression and are being treated for depression. Potentially hundreds of millions of people around the world are living with untreated depression, which is causing them to struggle with symptoms for which they have no answer. Hyper emotional states, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of motivation, anger, weight gain, hopelessness and helplessness might be pervasive in people’s lives. Such individuals discover the euphoric effects of drugs and alcohol. Temporarily, substances seem to eliminate challenging symptoms. Becoming quickly attached to the experience of being dependent upon the drugs and/or alcohol, a substance use disorder, or an addiction, can form. Chronic substance use can further complicate already complicated brain chemistry. Though individuals feel they are getting some relief from the sensations caused by drugs and alcohol, they could be worsening their pre-existing mental health condition.

Marijuana is a cannabinoid as well as a depressant substance. Most marijuana slows the system down, making people sleepy and drowsy. Marijuana use disorder is a recently distinguished addiction and often criticized because it is not a fatal or life threatening disorder. No recorded marijuana overdose is cited in history, however, marijuana use disorder can greatly impair someone’s quality of life, as can chronic depression. Together, the two conditions can make an individual’s existence quite small and isolated.


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