Meditation Benefits More Than Recovery

Meditation is a practice for the mind, the body, and the spirit. Benefits can include:

  • Stress reduction: Meditation is proven to greatly reduce stress from the emotional level of experience to a molecular one. Studies have found that meditation reduces stress on a molecular level. All of stress related diseases comes from inflammation on a molecular level. Meditation reduces molecular and cellular stress, which reduces inflammation thereby reducing stress on a medical level for health.
  • Increased brain matter: The brain is made up of white matter and gray matter. Gray matter is the brain matter in which synapses are formed to store new information. White matter is what exists between areas of gray matter. Brain imaging studies have found that meditation promotes the growth of both white and gray matter, structurally changing the brain. More gray matter creates more room for new knowledge and learning.
  • Relieves depression: Depression is a mental health disorder which affects the mind, the body, and the spirit. As a mental health disorder of its own and a symptom of early recovery from addiction, depression is a common experience in recovery. Meditation creates a state of calm and helps the brain regulate emotion. Reducing stress and improving emotional regulation relieves symptoms of depression.
  • Alleviates anxiety: Similar to depression, anxiety is a mental health disorder, a group of mental health disorders, and a symptom of recovery from addiction. Feeling nervous, worried, or stressed are common experiences of anxiety. The calm state produced by meditation alleviates anxiety and creates a firm foundation for a stable emotional state.
  • Reduces cravings: Meditation includes philosophies of mindfulness which focus on non-judgment and detachment. Taking some deep breaths and focusing only on the breath serves as a distraction as well as a scientific way to change the chemistry of the mind away from cravings.
  • Promotes self-awareness: Meditation often provides insight and awareness. Mindfulness, a form of meditation, asks practitioners to bring awareness, pay attention, and start to notice. Actions such as these promote self-awareness which contributes to the therapeutic process.


Meditation is a life-changing experience for many people. When you change your life, you change your legacy. Infinity Malibu offers luxury residential treatment programs to men and women seeking healing from substance use and mental health disorders. Start your legacy today by calling us for information on our programs serving the greater Los Angeles area: (855) 575-2604

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