How to Minimize Stress During the Holidays

The rush is on to buy all those gifts, bake cookies and pies, make sure the snowblower is working, hang lights and ready the menorah with fresh candles. Whatever your religious or family traditions for the holidays may be, this year, take a deep breath. You can avoid, or at best minimize stress during the season. You can reclaim the holidays as a time, for one, to celebrate your sobriety.

The Alcoholics Anonymous motto, Keep it Simple, is a good one to bring to mind as you plan your holiday strategy. Strategy might sound like a business word, but keeping your sobriety and peace of mind is your primary business. Everyone in recovery has a strategy for surviving holiday stress without picking up a drink or a drug.

Your family may have a tradition of giving gifts, handmade or store bought. Many people are turning away, in part, from the gift giving frenzy to alternatives that bring meaning to their lives during holidays. Talk to your family and see if they are amenable to changing up the holidays this year. Plan a fun outing, like a trip to the science museum, a super movie they are pining to see along with a ride to view all the lights around the town or city.

As the song suggests Santa does to manage his holiday frenzy, make a list and check it twice. A list can help you organize your time, your actions, and make room for the critical component of self-care. Keep your list as simple as possible. Plan to accomplish a few important tasks each week leading up to your particular holiday.

Avoid skipping any of your recovery support meetings, wherever possible. You can always double up your meetings ahead of time to compensate for anticipated missed days. Even if you carefully plan out your holidays, there’s bound to be some stress caused by events you can’t control. This is why you may want to add meditation to your daily routine. Meditation doesn’t have to be a big time consumer. Any amount of time you give it can benefit you, even if it’s only a minute. Slow down your breathing. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel the inner peace of your sobriety.

“We want ecstasy as a way of life, not a liver-poisoning alcoholiday from it.”― CrimethInc

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