Are You Missing The Signs You Need To Go To Treatment?

Reading this article may be one of the first signs you need treatment. Good for you for having the courage to seek helpful information. You could be what is called a functioning alcoholic. You go to work everyday and think you have your drug or drink under control. At night you get high or drink until you pass out. Recently a friend had to drive you home from a party. The morning after you didn’t know why your car wasn’t parked outside.

Unfortunately many alcoholics and substance abusers lives deteriorate beyond the point where they have the ability to seek treatment. They fall under the category of non functioning. Perhaps you are a concerned, scared, desperate family member, spouse or friend trying to determine if your loved one needs treatment. You’ve read and heard about an epidemic of deaths due to drug overdose and other complications.

Decline in physical health is a crucial sign for needing treatment. According to the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism, more than 2 million Americans suffer from liver disease caused by alcohol. This is but one disease associated with alcoholism. Drug addicts have similar health risks as alcoholics. They include, but are not limited to: damage to the heart, stroke, vulnerability to infection, gum disease, mental health and convulsions.

Addiction impairs one’s moral compass and judgment. If you find yourself lying to friends and family about your substance abuse consumption, you need treatment. Driving while intoxicated or high is another sign. The statistics for alcohol-related fatal accidents are alarming. You can’t stop drinking or taking drugs even though you think you should abstain. As related in the first paragraph of this article, blackouts are a sign you need treatment, that is, not being able to remember what you did or where you went while intoxicated.

Your boss calls you into her office, gives a warning about coming late to work day after day. She has smelled booze on your breath. These work-related patterns continue and you get fired. You used to have a lot of friends in school. You start skipping classes, your grades decline. You punch out some kid and get kicked out of school.

More signs you need to go to treatment include, but are not limited to, violent behavior such as driving in a rage. Verbal abuse. You have anxiety and panic attacks. Alcohol and or drugs have become your primary relationship. That is, you plan your next drink or fix—you think about it all the time.

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