What Do You Need to Live A Happy Sober Life?

Maintaining a consistent support system is key to leading a happy sober life. Addiction recovery can be complex. Forces such as a memory of sexual abuse may surface after one, five or many years of sobriety. Forces like this can impinge upon your sober life. You may experience difficult emotions and intrusive thoughts. Thoughts about escaping the pain can put your sobriety at risk. When you have a support system in place you are more likely to communicate what’s happening to you and find the help you need.  

While life stressors are unavoidable. Managing your financial affairs helps reduce stress. Perhaps you were once wealthy, but your addiction took your focus off monetary matters. Maybe you came from a family who didn’t teach you how to manage, respect and save money. Whatever your case, there are professionals who can make a plan for you to get out of debt and develop a feasible budget. Job coaches and mentors can assess your skills and steer you towards employment with potential for a better income and growth.  

Your home life is essential to leading a happy sober life. Home is where you chill-out after work. Where you have meals with your loved one, family or by yourself if you are single. Sometimes conflicts arise at home. Whatever the issue, if it becomes untenable, it is your responsibility to make changes that will give you peace. Taking responsibility for your own happiness in life is central in leading a sober life.

Your drinking robbed you of purpose. “I got sober, so now what’s the purpose of my life?”  You are the only one who can figure that out. Having a purpose in life doesn’t have to be consistent. Once, raising your kids and keeping them safe was your soul purpose. Changes in life’s circumstances are inevitable. Purpose can be elusive at times. Learn to be patient with yourself in sobriety. Suddenly an idea will pop into your head and become your new purpose.  

Many people take their health for granted. Others ignore health problems. If you are in recovery, chances your body suffered in a small or large manner. Taking care of your body is a smart way to live a happy sober life. When you eat healthy foods, reduce sugar or gluten intake you may feel significantly better, and have more energy.

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