What Do I Need to be Responsible and Accountable for in Recovery?

Congratulations for putting down and abstaining from taking drugs and or drinking alcohol. Along with your conscious decision, comes responsibility and accountability for yourself your interaction with others. Your responsibility and accountability includes the time before you got clean and sober, in the present moment, days, weeks, months and years ahead. It’s not that you don’t already know what this means, but it may be helpful to have a more concrete idea laid out.

Let’s begin with accountability. When you were in the claws of addiction you may not have given any thought to the harm you caused others. Now in recovery, it is your responsibility to be accountable for that harm. Plan to make a list of those you harmed, and include yourself. The next step is to make amends to others. Making amends to yourself is equally as important. Every positive action you take in recovery will aid your healing process.

Being responsible and accountable for recovery depends upon your mental health. At the forefront of your mental health is the work necessary to manage a diagnosis or a dual-diagnosis. Working with a therapist is essential. The more you work with a therapist the clearer your unconscious patterns will be of self destruction, denial, and avoidance behaviors. Your triggers will become more obvious, and this awareness will help you effectively manage them.

When you are accountable for matters in your life, blaming others will not be an option. You’ll find the more you practice accountability the easier it will become. At first you may be afraid of the fallout, like a person throwing your accountability back in your face. Later you may think of accountability as being genuine, and not worry what others may think. You were late for a meeting. You didn’t make excuses, you didn’t blame it on a phone call you had to take, or a traffic jam. You might even say something like, I am sorry I am late, I should have done a better job calculating the traffic this time of day.

The more recovery you give yourself the fuller your life can become in terms of opportunities. Your basic responsibility, however must always be your sobriety. Some people become lackadaisical about maintaining a healthy support system and thus puts themselves at a greater risk for relapse. Being responsible for relaxation and physical activities that nourish you, like taking walks on a beach, down a country road or through a city park can only be beneficial.

“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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