New Year’s Resolution to Get Sober

Some people get sober for a loved one, or because it’s the 4th of July. Any day is a good day to get sober, but maybe you need an incentive, like a new year’s resolution to buoy your courage. Do whatever it takes to join the millions of others who got, and remain, sober. You may, however, want to reconsider setting a specific date for your last drink.

If you think you are an alcoholic, chances are, you are one. This means you are obsessed with alcohol—when you get to have your next drink, how much alcohol is left in the kitchen cabinet or your bar. You can’t control your drinking. If you set a date to stop, you might be setting yourself up for failure. That’s just not the best idea, especially when you have so much at stake—like the functionality and joy of living!

Alcoholism is a disease of progression. You might be able to put in a full day of work, five days a week. Perhaps you save the weekends or the nights for drinking. Your hangovers aren’t that bad, yet. Sooner than you think, drinking will begin its insidious scheme to disabilitate you. You could begin to go to work with red eyes, red nose, shaky hands, and a gray pallor. Even if you take a shower before you go to work, the alcohol content in your system could be so high as to cause you to smell.

What if you don’t work? Your spouse goes off to his or her place of employment, and you are free to pour bourbon into your morning cup of coffee or add a jigger of gin to your orange juice. No one’s looking. Then can come the small car accidents. You hit a post at the grocery store, or run up over the street curb. Your spouse notices the liquor bottles are draining fast and comments. They’ve already suspected you are in trouble with booze.

Somewhere in your psyche, you know it’s time to give up alcohol. Some alcoholics make plans to go to a rehab, get intoxicated on the way there, while someone drives them. There’s no perfect way to get sober, only that you do! Of course you may be afraid, but really, you can do it with help! Make your resolution to get help today, instead of New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. You can get the help you need. We believe in you!

“There are women succeeding beyond their wildest dreams because of their sobriety.”—
Mary Karr

Consider the staff at Infinity Malibu your allies on your recovery journey, in which we reinforce evidence-based programming with holistic therapies. It is our honor to provide full-continuum, personalized care in our beautifully appointed facility, complete with ocean views. 888-266-9048

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