Ocean Walks—Becoming an Observer in Recovery

You’ve just put down your last drink. Whether you are in a rehab or getting sober through meetings, you are probably wondering how you will make it through the next minute or hour without craving a drink. If we knew what was ahead of us, would we be as likely to try? There’s a possibility your craving will take time to diminish. The good news is, you may start to feel better about yourself having put down the drink. Feeling you’ve accomplished an amazing feat can motivate you to stay sober.

Yes, putting down the drink is quite an accomplishment—maybe even the accomplishment of a lifetime. Don’t worry, the craving can and will go away the more time you give to sobriety. Let’s look at a few techniques that may help your stress level, anxiety and fears as you continue your heroic path. We use the word heroic because in essence you are taking heroic measures to save your life.

If you are fortunate enough to live near the ocean make a concerted effort to get there on a regular basis. Taking walks along the ocean is an excellent way to reduce stress. Become an observer during your walk like Henry David Thoreau did in 1849, when he and a companion, set off to walk the 30 miles of uninterrupted beach facing the Atlantic Ocean at the tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Thoreau was a great observer of nature. According to an 1976 article in the New York Times by Robert Packard, “Thoreau’s sharp eye missed nothing. He came upon strangely shaped strands of seaweed of unexpected colors and textures, “beautiful sea jellies,” large clams, oddly twisted driftwood, multicolored pebbles, shells of varied shapes and hues. Overhead flew the mackerel gulls; for Thoreau the sound of their cry perfectly captured the impression made by the beach.”   

Becoming an observer can broaden your thoughts and nourish your spirits in recovery. It can open your creative channels, and parts of yourself to a kind of wonder you may not have felt since you were a kid. Even if you live inland, you can still benefit from the ocean by listening to audio recordings of the surf splashing ashore and pulling pebbles through the sand. You can also visualize a walk on the beach. Go there in your mind, feel the warm sand, feel the palpable freedom you’ve given yourself by getting and staying sober, be curious about what you want your sober life to look like.

Our sweeping vista view of the Pacific Ocean is just one of the many elements residents at Infinity Malibu can take in during their stay for residential treatment in Malibu, California. Infinite possibilities arise when you make the decision to get sober. Call us today to start the journey: 888-266-9048

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