One Adult in a Child’s Life Can Make a Difference

You can’t save everyone, though you hope for world peace and the elimination of famine and poverty. It can be heartbreaking to watch the news when death toll statistic are aired relating to the opioid crisis in this country. How many died in your state this year? Fortunately, state, county and local officials are getting involved with prevention. Federal grants help fund programs, but rural areas that need them most can be overlooked or underfunded. How can you help kids at risk from getting involved with drugs and other dangerous behaviors? For starters, you can volunteer at a locally-funded center for teens or learn more through D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Assistance Education).

Think about what you have to offer? Perhaps you are a carpenter or a musician, a computer geek or a robotics expert. Maybe you are a beekeeper, a farmer, or an artist. Could you start a program to teach the particular skill you’ve developed? Consulting first with a professional who already works with kids at risk is a good idea.

Perhaps teaching your own kids about good decision making is all you can handle. However, it doesn’t take much to reach out to that child down the street. She’s always alone, her clothes are dirty, her hair is a mess, and she says mean things to your kids. Saying something to her parents feels intrusive, and really, she is none of your business. Yet, you know instinctively she is being neglected. This is not a guilt trip. You always have choices and your time does matter.

Children who grow up in dysfunction families may be hard to reach. Their defenses can be steel like, and gaining their trust seem impossible. Making a difference in their life can begin with a smile or a wave. Day after day after week your gestures begin to sink into the child’s heart. They may feel seen for the first time in ages. Your smile can lead to a hello, an inquiry—how are you? The mother or father could come out of the house and tell you to stay away from their kid. The kid already knows you are a neighbor. Their barrier has cracked.

You can expand upon this scenario with your own vision. The point is, before you can make a difference in a child’s life you have to establish trust. Stories abound about adults who have made a positive impact on a child. Willingness, patience and love is all you need to begin.

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