Does Being Open-Minded Make Holistic Treatment More Effective?

Holistic therapy understands the connection between mind, body and spirit. A goal of holistic therapy is to have greater mental awareness. A core concept of holistic treatment is recognizing that a person is a system of several working parts, mind, body and spirit. When one area is unwell, the rest of the person will also be affected. Holistic practitioners view the person as having several layers.

Holistic therapy differs from other forms of therapy because it does not fixate on symptoms. Instead, holistic therapists seek to have their client to accept the present moment. Once a person accepts their life experiences they can then begin releasing expectations. This process allows the person to become self-aware and whole.

Holistic therapists do not see medication interventions as being the only form of treatment. Instead, holistic therapists understand that diet, exercise and sleep all have an impact on mood and affect. Clinicians also theorize that muscle tension, anxiety and other maladaptive symptoms are not just a physical issue. Rather, physical symptoms are clues that there is a disconnect between mind, body and spirit.

Techniques of holistic therapy include nutrition changes, meditation, mindfulness, exploring dreams, music and expressive art. Holistic therapy suggests that open-mindedness makes treatment more effective. Holistic therapy does not discount medication or medical interventions. This form of therapy is intended to complement other approaches.

Open-mindedness in holistic treatment is being receptive to new techniques and ideas. People enter therapy and treatment because something is amiss in their life. Engaging in treatment has a tendency to show a person that some of their long held beliefs may be faulty or causing further distress. A person who is not open-minded may react negatively if their beliefs and thought patterns are challenged. Change is not always comfortable.

Having an open mind can be humbling. Open-mindedness shows a person that their thoughts and beliefs may be skewed. Open mindedness can also predict motivation levels in a person entering treatment. The more open-minded a person is, the less ambivalence they will have during treatment.

A person who goes into treatment and has difficulty trying new approaches or disregards the treatment as being ineffective can have an impact on results. Without an open mind, it will be difficult to try new things such as meditation, diet changes and talk therapy. Open mindedness allows for internal growth and honestly. Essentially, an open minded person is saying that they do not have the answers and they are willing to try new things that may create positive changes in their life.

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