Our Connections with Animals

Farmers rely on animals for food, manure for the garden or to pare down the mice population in the barn. You may have a dog, cat or horse, or not even like animals. Still, connecting with animals and their behavior can teach us a lot about living a good and sober life.

To thrive, animals need to live in a clean and well-cared for environment. They need fresh food, water, shelter, shade, airflow and love. So do people, though some are more inclined towards aesthetics and cleanliness than others. No matter. Besides the essentials, what can you learn from your animal connection?

We don’t have the luxury to mimic a pet’s daily routine. After all, we have to earn money to pay for their food and vet bills. We can, however observe and learn from them. Consider what you love best about the relationship with your animal. Maybe they are always glad to see you, no matter if you just went outside for a minute, and came back in. You may love that they curl next to you on the couch, or in the curve of your knees in bed. Animals offer unconditional love and comfort. In recovery, you can practice their exemplary abilities.

Animals don’t hold back their feelings. If you step on their tail, they will yelp. Perhaps experienced profound trauma in your life, in which you weren’t safe to yell when someone hurt you. In recovery, you can work with a therapist to unearth the pain that kept and keeps you silent. You can find your voice again, learn to keep yourself safe, and speak up if someone steps on you.     

Ah, quiet time. Ever notice cows lying down in a pasture, or a horse snoozing in his stall. No? How about your cat or dog, what do they seem to do Saturday when you are busy with chores? They chill out, they sleep, they rest. They instinctively know how to take care of themselves. Learning to take breaks can help you relax and calm your nervous system.

Like humans, animals, have different personalities. Some love to play, others are couch potatoes. Some humans and animals need a little nudge to get out and play. When you play ball with your dog, or pull a string for your cat, you often can’t help from smiling. Smiling connects us with our heart and our greater generosity of spirit. Reconnecting with play builds positive pathways in our brains and a better sense of well-being.

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