The Power Of Conviction and the Second Step

Conviction has two meanings. The most popularly well known meaning of conviction has to do with the law. A convict, for example, if someone who has been found guilty of a criminal defense and as a result of that conviction, they are serving a sentencing or punishment of some form. Conviction is the declaration of that guilt which imprisons a convict.

Conviction can also have to do with belief. The definition of conviction reads that it is a “firmly held belief or opinion”.  A conviction is less of an external “thing” and more of an internal emotional experience. When we feel convicted, we feel powerfully sentenced by our beliefs and opinions. We need conviction to feel inspired. Without conviction, without convincing that we can hold fast to the beliefs of our recovery, we may not have the encouragement we need to stay sober. Having conviction is having the ability to stick to our beliefs and take every action necessary to uphold them. We have to come to believe that we can recover and that the people around us have a way to help us.

The second step of the twelve steps of programs like Alcoholics Anonymous reads, “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”. Conviction of the non-judicial kind is often associated with religious or spiritual matters. In the twelve steps, there is mention of a higher power, or what the group of Alcoholics Anonymous chooses to call “God”. Aside from this mention in the second step which uses the term “power greater than ourselves”, any time there is mention of Higher Power or God, there is a follow up statement: as we understood Him. Alcoholics Anonymous gives us the conviction of our own higher power in whom, or which, we can place our firmly held belief and opinion about life. Through developing an understanding of and a relationship with a higher power, we develop a conviction for our recovery. We believe that we can recover, that there are ways to recover, and that with the relationship of our Higher Power as well as the work we do in our treatment programs, we will recover.

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