What Are Some Practical Steps for Improving My Judgement?

Before you got sober, you might have lost or buried your judgment because your addiction was constantly overriding it. Then somehow a miracle happened. You were able to summon the deepest part of you, your core self, and make a determination to quit the substance of your choice. You judged for yourself that getting sober was the most important step you could take at this time in your life.

Many people who get sober have other diagnoses besides addiction, like depression and anxiety. Others suffer from low self-esteem and poor judgment. Improving your judgment is an important step to take in recovery. You may not trust yourself to stay substance free and sober. If so, make a mantra or daily meditation that encourages you to trust yourself. I can make this decision on my own without asking others to fortify my judgement.

We have sub personalities that manage our lives, especially when we have been traumatized as a child. Think about which part of you makes crazy or irresponsible decisions. Tell them you know they were reacting to situations that may have stemmed from the past. You once acted out to get attention and took on risky behavior because of unmet needs. Now that you are sober, have a conversation with the part of you that didn’t care about their decision making and judgements. Tell them you honor and respect them, but you are in charge now.

Stop and think before you jump into a situation, embark on a journey or new plan. Practice considering the opposite or alternative perspective and their outcome versus the one you have chosen. You’ll make a few mistakes. Who hasn’t, but your judgement will improve over time.

We all have gut reactions and impressions of people when we first meet them. Let’s say we meet someone who we think has questionable morals, but they have a great smile. If we disregard our initial judgment, we could end up regretting it later. Listening to our inner voice, or intuition, can help improve our judgments.

In sobriety we may come upon oldtimers, people who have been sober for a long time. We can learn from their past mistakes. They have been through the ropes and many have garnered wisdom and good judgment. Listening to them can foster our own sense of good judgment and increase our self-reliance.

“Outward judgment often fails, inward judgment never.”—Theodore Parker

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