You Don’t Have to Prove Yourself in Recovery

Some people in recovery for a substance addiction feel guilty about how disruptive their behavior was to their family, friends and colleagues. When in recovery it is best to get passed the guilt. You can do this by educating yourself how addiction affected your mindset and behavior. If you go to a rehab you’ll begin learning about addiction, and your family will have an opportunity to join you in that endeavor during a family program.

Along with guilt in recovery, comes the need to prove yourself by going overboard. This can look like showering your friends and family with gifts or telling them every single thing you are doing. You do this to ward off any fear they may have that you might relapse or have a slip. While being considerate of your family is a positive action, it can be tempered. An indication that you are doing too much may be noted in the reactions you receive from your family and friends.

Upon noticing your overt actions, be gentle with yourself. Recovery is not about punishing yourself. You are only doing the best that you can. Think of yourself entering recovery as a pendulum that is out of balance. Now visualize yourself slowing coming back into a steady rhythm. Another idea to keep in mind when your pendulum is widely swinging is talk to some of your friends in your recovery group. They will probably empathize and have a story or two to share with you about their guilt. The point is not to isolate and pull the blanket of shame over your head.

A substance abuse addiction isn’t your fault. It is true that you still need to take responsibility. Taking responsibility is different than proving yourself. It can be accomplished by making amends to those you’ve hurt or harmed. Give yourself some time before you to do this—perhaps after you’ve gained some confidence in yourself.

Taking responsibility, instead of proving yourself, can be realized by getting into therapy, following your aftercare plan, if you went to a rehab, undertaking the 12 Steps, and keeping your mind open to change. Abstaining from drinking and taking drugs is your foremost responsibility.

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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