Your Recovery Process, and Another’s

We all have our path in life. A few or many situations could have brought us to addiction and alcoholism. We could have had a parent or both parents who were alcoholics or addicts. There could have been abuse in the family. We could be a war veteran suffering from PTSD. We could have been raped. Any, and more of these awful situations, may have caused us to seek an escape. We also could have become addicted from overly prescribed medications.

Here we are today maybe wondering if we could have avoided addiction. Is it our fault? Can we blame anyone? Blaming ourselves or others isn’t the answer. For now we have to live the questions, and gain understanding as we move forward in our recovery process.

It may sound new age or cliche, but our behaviors, attitudes and the circumstances of our addiction are the gravel of our own path in life. Putting down the drink or drug, alone, won’t fix us. We just have to be clear about what we want, and, we have to have the willingness to change.

Right from the time when we stopped drinking or taking drugs one day at a time, we may have had the perspective that it is the best thing we ever did. Juxtaposed to us is Jerry or Jenny. They may have been struggling with negativity, low self-esteem, denial and a whole host of difficult emotions. Their path is different from ours. We can’t make them feel better. All we can do is listen and be supportive, and that is enough. It’s not helpful to interfere in someone else’s process. They will get where they need to go in their own time.

While our process seemed on fast track from the start, we could backtrack at anytime. We could find that our path becomes harder the more we recover. Our initial response from abstinence may have been euphoric. Like our friend Jenny or Jerry, we have our own path. It wouldn’t help us if someone told us how we should feel on day 15 of our sobriety, and squash our good feelings, or tell us that our recovery is backwards.

Recovery has a flow, with painful downs, and amazing revelations. Recovery doesn’t work like same day service. All we have to do is stay on course and the rest will follow.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

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