Reentry After Inpatient Treatment

A good inpatient treatment center is not going to leave you adrift when you arrive home. Most likely, you’ll meet with your therapist and have a discussion and make a plan for reentry? What dangers to your sobriety could present themselves? Do you have a therapist, or do you need to find one? Where are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings held in your town. What is the meeting schedule? Who can you call for help? These are all important questions to answer when making your reentry plan.

Perhaps the inpatient program you attend will have a family weekend. While you may be glad to see your husband, wife or parents, the weekend can be stressful. They may not know what to expect and are nervous. You could have a lot to tell them. The family weekend helps lay the groundwork for when you come home.

Going home to an empty house can be hard. If you live alone, you’ll want to create a safe environment for your reentry. Can you ask a close friend to be there when you arrive? Perhaps they will take you grocery shopping for fresh vegetables and food. Maybe they will spend the night.

Going home to a loving spouse who’s missed you and needs your attention can feel overwhelming no matter how much you love them. A spouse could watch your every move. When you announce you are going to a meeting, maybe they will ask to drive you. They could want to make sure you aren’t lying, and heading out to the local pub. They could also have control issues.  

You could feel put out by their seeming lack of trust. Consider giving them some slack. It takes time to rebuild trust. Being considerate of your spouse or partner will strengthen their trust in you. A meeting ends on time, but you decide to help clean up the coffee and put the chairs away. Placing a phone call to your spouse, thereby letting them hear your voice, may be a better way to alert them of your new arrival time than a quick text.

When you arrive home, you may miss the friends you’ve made in treatment. The focus in inpatient treatment was mainly your sobriety. Being back in the day-to-day world could feel like a let down. Keep going, feel the feelings, stay safe and stay sober! You can do it!


Treatment can be a transformative process when you find a program that works for you as well as with you. At Infinity Treatment Centers, lasting recovery is attainable at last. Our luxury residences offer the highest privacy and comfort while our clinical program provides the personalized approach necessary for infinite change.

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