Self Care Tips for Early Recovery

Recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction can throw off your whole system. It’s like waking up in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, or know how to orient yourself. Each day may bring up different emotions.

You have the strength to get through your first days, weeks and months. You also have the option to get some therapeutic help. Going to a trustworthy rehab can help you orient yourself more effectively than recovering on your own.

To make yourself feel better and safe, take a few minutes at home and create a cozy space to crawl or climb into when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. Placing pillows all around you can do wonders for lowering anxiety and feeling safe.

Change up you diet. Good food can help your overall wellbeing. You can still cook or eat nutritious foods even if you are on a tight budget. There are plenty of suggestions on the internet to help you. Many in recovery crave sweets and use it unconsciously as a substitute for alcohol. Think about curbing your sugar intake as it can depress your system.

Make an intention to express gratitude for each new day you are free from drugs and alcohol. Self affirmations can help create a positive attitude, even when you’re feeling down.

Whether you are an organized person or not, paying attention to time management can reduce the stress of getting to work or an appointment on time. Likewise, giving yourself time, even as little as 20 minutes, to do something you enjoy, like reading a book, practicing yoga, or meditation can provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Keep a little notebook for recording your accomplishments.

When you were drinking alcoholically or abusing drugs, your body took a toll. In recovery you have the opportunity to heal, not only your mind, but your body. Taking a walk at lunch or before dinner not only can improve your health, but lower any strain the day has placed on your nervous system.

One final tip is to turn off your computer, cell phone, TV and radio. Give yourself a break from the noise, chatter and overstimulation that drains your energy. Oh yes, and keep going to fellowship meetings even if you don’t like them. They can make the difference between strong sober living and the risk of relapse.

“Be you, love you. All ways, always.”― Alexandra Elle

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