Simplify Your Life and Declutter During Recovery

Are you embracing a new sober chapter of your life? Have you finally reached the point where you’re excited about your future and ready to embrace a new life of sobriety?

If so, you might be surprised to learn that keeping your home clean and free from distractions can help support your new sober lifestyle. By getting rid of the clutter and simplifying your routine, you’ll have more time and energy to devote to your health.

Early in your recovery, it’s important to focus on what’s important. By starting with the simple strategies outlined below, you can build on those skills as you grow during your journey of lasting sobriety.

  • Make a cleaning calendar part of your sober routine. Most addiction recovery specialists recommend that you create a consistent daily routine as you start building your new sober lifestyle. Important things, like maintaining a regular bedtime and getting up at the same time every day. While you’re crafting your new daily routine, be sure to pencil in some time each day to take care of the basics. Doing your laundry, making your bed, putting away the dishes, etc.
  • Get rid of the non-essentials. It’s not a good idea to pack too much into your day. You’ll run the risk of feeling more anxious and depressed about meeting and exceeding your own expectations. Instead, take a step back. Think about what’s really crucial to support your recovery and simply focus on that. (Don’t tackle big projects like remodeling your kitchen during the first year of sobriety.)
  • Use that positive momentum. Making your bed every morning and washing your bed sheets on a regular basis can help you maintain your path towards sobriety by harnessing the simple power of momentum. When you’re able to cross off things from your daily to-do list, you can leverage that boost in self-confidence to support your long-term goals.
  • Start your weekend with a clean car. When creating a clutter-free lifestyle, don’t overlook your car. If you spend a good part of your day commuting to and from your workplace, it’s equally important to maintain your vehicle too. Consider starting your weekend with a clean slate and give your car a thorough cleaning. (Tip: You also might even consider keeping some car-friendly wipes in your vehicle to wipe up any spills during the week.)

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