Six Tips for Avoiding Relapse

Having a plan to avoid relapse is like taking out insurance on yourself. The following are six simple steps to refresh your commitment to sobriety and to avoid an unwanted relapse.

  1. If you have newly completed a 28-day rehab, make sure to follow through with the aftercare plan you and your counselor set up prior to your discharge from the facility.
  2. It’s helpful to attend fellowship meetings on a regular basis, and get to know other people. By establishing camaraderie with others in recovery, you put yourself in good company. Sharing the goal of sobriety can build positive and lasting friendships. Before you became sober or substance free, you may have hung out with people who also struggled with an addiction, but unlike you, they haven’t sought help, yet. You cannot change anyone else. Finding new, sober and substance free friends is the way to go, but having compassion for your friends still struggling with an addition is important, too.
  3. Find a therapist that has experience in addiction as well as other mental disorders and diagnoses. When you first get sober, depending upon your personal history, you may not be ready to trust anyone. The relationship you build with your therapist will be one of trust. Your therapist will help you determine if you have any other diagnoses that need to be addressed in addition to an addiction. Having a safe place and one person you can trust is vital to your lasting recovery.
  4.  Ask your therapist if he or she knows of one an ongoing group therapy for the particular addiction for which you are in recovery. Group therapy allows you to learn from others experiences and to reflect on changes you may want to make with yourself.
  5. Reinvigorate your willpower. You can do this by getting back into the habit of reading daily affirmations out loud. Look in the mirror, and tell yourself how brave you are, how strong, how hopeful, and how devoted you are to your new life in sobriety. Use positive and uplifting language in all your daily interactions.
  6. Be here now! Live in the moment, rather than project any fears you may have about the future. When you live in the moment you can better enjoy each day. Recovery is not only about tackling an addiction, it is about learning to enjoy your life. You deserve it!
  7. Cut yourself a break! There can be a lot to deal with when you first get sober, and even after you’ve put some months into your recovery. Emotions come up and some of them can be difficult to handle. If you got sober and substance free, you can handle anything! You’re still a wonderful, brave soul who has tremendous courage.  

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