Six Tips for Embracing the End of Winter  

Depending where you live, winter can be tough to get through especially if you are new to sobriety. Here are some tips for making it through to spring and beyond.

  1. Grow some microgreens. Microgreens are not only good for you, but you’ll have fun watching them sprout. You can also start buying seeds and planning your garden. If you live in the city, check out the industrious ways to grow veggies indoors.
  2. Make some time to tackle your to do list. You’re likely to feel good about being able to cross things off your list. Repairing things feels good, and that’s what you want to strive for when the skies are gray and the sun sets early.
  3. Clean out your clothes and other things you no longer use. Donating them to a charity of your choice can boost your moral and self-esteem. When you get rid of stuff, your home environment can feel more peaceful, which is excellent for self care in recovery.
  4. Don’t be afraid of the cold. Buy some really warm mittens, and get out there on brisk sunny days. You’ll come back to work or home feeling invigorated. Walking helps reduce anxiety and stress. It also gets your blood circulating, which is good for your health.
  5. Studies have found that taking vitamin D is good for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin D is made in the skin from exposure to sunlight. In the winter, when the days are shorter, people don’t get enough sun, and thus vitamin D supplements are recommended by health care providers.
  6. Fun? What’s that? You’re doing the best you can with recovery from a substance abuse disorder. You’re going to therapy, making new friends in support groups, trying to eat well and to get enough exercise. So, what about having some fun, too? Go to the movies with your family or a friend. Check out the latest exhibits at a museum of natural history or an art museum. Take in a hockey or basketball game on the television or live. Be inventive!

It’s possible to enjoy yourself and expand your horizons in winter, and in recovery. It’s all about what you choose to make of it.

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

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