Is Your Social Network Solid, or Superficial?

The benefits of being part of a diverse and expansive social network are well documented. People with more professional contacts find it easier to land a new job and individuals with a large group of friends are better equipped to weather the emotional storms of life. Though, it’s worth noting that you need to consider the quality of those relationships too.

If all of your personal and professional relationships are merely superficial in nature, you’re missing out. Being a good friend to others and experiencing the same in return is truly a gift. It’s also worth noting that it is especially important for those on a journey from addiction to sobriety to cultivate meaningful friendships and a solid social network. By surrounding yourself with people who truly care about your well-being, they can help provide a positive influence in your life and you can reduce your risk of relapse.

3 Signs Your Friendships Are Only Skimming the Surface:

(1) You never talk about your feelings. At times, it’s easier to just make small talk with other people and avoid disclosing what’s really going on in your life. That way, you can avoid the risk of feeling vulnerable or being judged by the other person. But, in doing so, you’re not able to understand the person on a deeper level and vice-versa. When you’re able to open up about your emotions with a friend, you can learn from their experiences and strengthen your connection.

(2) Your relationships only involve having fun. Going to the movies, paddle boarding on the weekends and relishing long Sunday brunches are great for relaxing after a long week at work. But, you should ask yourself if that’s the only thing you have in common with your friends. Do you share the same values and personal and professional goals?

(3) You don’t feel like you could ask them for help. Solid friendships often involve a mutual “give and take”. When one person is feeling down, the other is there by their side. If you feel like you would be a burden to your friends if you asked them for an occasional favor, like driving you to the airport, ask yourself why you feel that way. Real friendships are built on a solid foundation of support and respect.

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