Special Things You Learn from a Relationship with a Horse

There is a saying attributed to the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni; When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Your relationship with a horse will teach you many things. First among them is learning to stay present. Just like you, a horse has a mind of its own. He also can weigh from 840 to 2,200 pounds. Horses are very sensitive and spook easily. They require your full attention because they could move suddenly and step on your foot or cause you greater harm. You have to pay attention; you have to be in the moment.

Your relationship with a horse can teach you the paradox of opposites. That is, when opposites exist simultaneously, and both are true. It is true, when around a horse you have to pay attention. The opposite is true; horses are a wonderful distraction. Being around them can take you away from yourself. When your mind is full of the challenges of recovery, horses offer a respite, a place for reflection and tranquility. Just standing next to a field watching horses graze, offers an opportunity to for inner peace.

Your relationship with a horse will enhance your communication skills. Maybe you have a lot to be angry about, and subconsciously carry the anger with you. When you are around a horse, she may mirror your anger back to you with her behavior—pin back her ears, be skittish or uncooperative. Horses are sensitive beings, they pick up on your mood. Being around them gives you an opportunity to observe what you project into the world, whether consciously or not. Horses give you information about yourself that can encourage you to make changes within yourself. These changes will benefit your relationships with others.

Horses are huge animals. As you grow accustomed to their size and learn to handle them, you will gain confidence. Your new-found confidence will assist you as you courageously move forward with your recovery. Horses help sooth your heart. They feel good to touch.

You may have heard of horse whisperers. These professionals learn the body language of the horse and observe their behavior in a herd to determine their reactions. Many subtle techniques and steps are involved in horse whispering. The trainer first has to build trust with the horse. As you and your horse bond, a wonderful relationship will blossom. Horses are beautiful and magnificent beings that help you learn to trust yourself.

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