Spending Time Alone is a Practice in Recovery

Isolation is a topic of recovery often discussed by heeding a warning. Spending too much time isolating in the early months of recovery can become a problematic behavior if it starts to get in the way of other aspects of recovery. For example, fellowship, or spending time with recovery peers, is important. Isolation can cause the less than pleasant voices in the head to become louder, creating a barrier against interaction or developing a relationship with others.

Addiction tends to create behaviors of extremes. Isolation is an extreme- spending an extreme amount of time alone. Extreme in this case means enough to be considered problematic. Compensating for “extreme” isolation might include being too busy or involved. Taking on too many dates, outings, responsibilities, and interactions can be draining and become equally as problematic. Underneath the surface of extreme isolation and extreme socializing is fear. Those who isolate are afraid of being around others, for many different reasons. Those who socialize beyond their capacity are afraid of being around themselves. Recovery is about achieving and maintaining balance to the best of our ability. There is a balance between socializing and isolating. Learning to spend healthy time alone is a gift as well as a tool in recovery.

During the early months, it is important to spend as much time with others as possible. With the last drink or drug not too far behind us, it is easy to fall into old ways of thinking when left to our own devices. Spending time with others is like learning to ride a bike. We have to get used to making the plans, sticking to them, and we even have to learn how to enjoy ourselves. Once we become more comfortable with ourselves we will seek more time alone. Learning to spend time alone that isn’t isolating takes practice as well. Self-care is a way to “excuse” spending time alone in order to reboot and recharge. Alone time can offer us important insight, critical relaxation time, and build our confidence in the fact that we are capable of spending time alone.

You will become comfortable with yourself again and find a lifestyle of balance. Infinity Malibu offers life changing recovery programs with the highest level of luxury accommodations for privacy and seclusion. When you change your life, you change your legacy. Start your legacy of recovery today by calling us for information on admissions (855) 575-2604.

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