How Do I Stay Motivated in My Treatment and Recovery?

Recovery is a new start. It is a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. Recovery can be fun, challenging and at times overwhelming. Even though you are on this new path, there will be challenges along the way. Bills are still due, people can and will disappoint you, and there can even be difficult times in recovery. The key is to stay motivated to continue recovering, even when life shows up.

One of the most important aspects of long-term recovery is to remember where you came from. There is an adage that can be applied to your recovery that states, those who forget the past are more likely to repeat it. Remembering the path that brought you to recovery is a powerful tool. There was a reason why you decided to recover. Perhaps a relationship went south, jobs were affected, or maybe you just did not like what you saw when you looked in the mirror. Simply remembering how you felt when you were in the thralls of addiction can be a powerful remembrance of how far you have come.

Staying motivated can be easier if you make realistic goals of what you want to do in your life. If your goal is to start a new career, break the goal into little steps. Little steps are easier to process and accomplish. Do not overwhelm yourself with unattainable goals. Instead, dissect your plan and make a list of each step that you need to do to accomplish your goal.

Change your environment. There may be some people in your life that you cannot change, such as family, but branch out and build a positive support network. Meet people who have similar interests, are reliable and are able to support you when times gets tough.

Be easy on yourself! There will be days that you do not feel like doing the recovery thing. That is okay! You are not a failure, you are human. Allow yourself to have bad days. Allow yourself to be an imperfect human. As long as you recognize how you are feeling, you can get through it.

Most importantly, stay connected. Go to support groups, call your sober friends and do not forget self-care. Treating yourself well will become second nature. Self-care and surrounding yourself with positive friends will become a new habit. Staying motivated in your recovery starts with recognizing your limitations, taking care of self and surrounding yourself with people who have your best interest in mind.

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