Staying Power, Tips to Avoid Relapse

There’s a saying that you can’t do anything in this world without help. You couldn’t have given birth to yourself, fed, clothed or put a roof over your head without outside help. Still, you may say, I have the willpower not to relapse. Willpower comes from inside you, and it’s fortified by all the good things you do for yourself like eating nutritional food and exercising regularly. Your willpower is also enhanced by support from those who love and care about you.

To avoid a relapse we must, must, must be vigilant about our mental health. There can come a time when we’ve accomplished the work in therapy that met our goals for recovery. We may choose to end therapy. As we know from putting down our drug of choice, life can be difficult at times. Being open to therapy at different times in our lives is a smart way to avoid a relapse.

Find something you love and learn about it. Let’s say you’re interested in helping save our environment. A television show about honeybees catches your attention. You’ve always been interested in honeybees, and decide to sign up for a course. You find honeybees fascinating, there’s so much to learn, and suddenly you’re totally engaged. That’s what we mean by finding something you love.

To prevent a relapse, never let down your guard and become complacent about your addiction. Addiction means forever—you will never be able to pick up a drink or use drugs in safety again. Even if the drug is prescribed by a doctor, you must be vigilant. Be upfront with your doctor about your addiction. If the drugs prescribed are vital, have a plan to monitor and get off them as soon as possible. Your life could depend upon it, for our addiction won’t start from the beginning. It will start from where we left off, and the decline will be a hundred times faster and worse than before.

The saying, when we help others, we help ourselves, really is true. For the benefit of your recovery and relapse prevention, partaking in community service, and or volunteering your time at a nonprofit can regenerate your spirit and provide a feel-good connection with others.

Relapse prevention is the earth that grounds you, the wind that lifts you up, and the sky that holds your dreams.

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