I Still Don’t Like Myself

There’s no guarantees that getting clean and sober is going to fix your problems or change your self worth for the better. Getting clean and sober gives you the opportunity to live a reasonably normal life, complete with all its disappointments, joys, sorrows and a host of feelings. Disliking yourself is a major roadblock to attaining joy, lasting friendships, love, contentment and peace of mind.

If you don’t like yourself, then who can you count on? People tend to stand clear of a self-deprecating personality, because the likelihood for an equal exchange, isn’t good. People are drawn to those who lift up their spirits, not those who drag them down. How can you change your self-perception?

First, you’ve got to ascertain what’s going on with you. Have you always disliked yourself? Do you dislike every single thing about yourself, or just one feature? Do you feel like a failure, that you have never lived up to your own expectations? Are there physical aspects you dislike about yourself?

People can spend so much time focussing on what they dislike about themselves that they can’t see the beautiful leaves in fall, or the color of a little girl’s eyes. They forget there are incredible patterns of stars in the night sky, and music that embraces the heart. Unfortunately when children are berated they can carry a poor image of themselves into adulthood. Nobody can make you like yourself, therefore, you are stuck with self-loathing—that is, until you get some needed help.

Once you and your therapist get to the root of your low self-esteem, you might start to move beyond those feelings. You might decide, what good comes from disliking myself? What do I get out of it? It takes courage to rewrite the story you have written about yourself. Go for it!

You can make a list of your attributes, and what you don’t like about yourself in the same sentence. I have fat ankles, and I’m a great swimmer. I am a hairy beast, and a great dancer.

I have terrible acne, and I get straight A’s. Where do you want your energy to go—to having hair all over your chest, or being a beautiful dancer?

Give yourself time, practice and patience as you move towards liking yourself. Tape affirmations all over your living space. Say them outloud. Learn to laugh at how seriously you take yourself. You won’t regret the positive changes that will come when you learn to love yourself.

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