Why is a Structured, Distraction-free Environment Necessary in Treatment

We enter a treatment facility for a number of different reasons. The first is because we need help recovering from addiction. Maybe we relapsed and this is our second attempt to find a recovery program that works. Perhaps our family did an intervention and we agreed to go away to treatment. Our lives could be completely out of control and we need quiet time to concentrate on staying clean and sober. Why we go doesn’t matter as much as the commitment to our lives and our future.

Rules are established at treatment facilities to keep you safe and to ensure your goals are met. When you sign in, don’t be alarmed or insulted if a staff member goes through your luggage. Their job is to make certain that you haven’t hidden any illegal substances. Their search is for your benefit as well as other attendees. Medical staff will need your records, and any prescription medications for distribution. This is another necessary safety precaution.

Many recovery centers have rules that may make you angry, or seem cruel to you. You’ll be asked not to get into any relationships while in treatment. Relationships are a serious form of distraction. Your cell phone and computer are like your right arm. You need them. You need to keep in touch with your family and friends. Treatment doesn’t work well with distraction. Treatment isn’t your everyday life. You are going to treatment to save your life. Your family and friends may miss hearing from you, and visa versa, but your recovery must come first. Your particular treatment center may allow you to write letters or make a phone call home once a week.

You’ll find that your days are structured with little time to make a phone call anyway. The lack of distraction from your devices and a structured environment is intended to keep you focused on your recovery. There’s lots to learn about addiction, the causes, and what drugs and alcohol do to your physical and mental health. You’ll have scheduled individual therapy, and group therapy to attend. You may attend outside meetings.

Physical activities are scheduled into your day, like going for a walk. Some facilities offer experiential activities like mindfulness meditation, yoga and equine therapy. Your recovery involves your body, mind and spirit.

Avoiding distraction brings calm to the soul.

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