Why Taking Suggestion Is Emphasized In Recovery

Sponsors, mentors, therapists, and professionals in recovery have a little bit of an edge over you when it comes to recovery. That is, they have been doing it, living it, and working it a lot longer than the days, weeks, or months you have. Addiction is an inherently self-centered and selfish disease. How addiction works in the brain and the body makes the need of fulfilling the demands of cravings and symptoms of withdrawal a very selfish one. Recovery is in part about learning to be of service to others which helps defeat that self-centeredness. Your best thoughts and ideas probably don’t compare to those of people who have had more experience. Taking suggestion is emphasized because you’re only just beginning to learn how to think in a recovery mind frame instead of an addiction one.

You haven’t defined your needs yet

Early recovery from addiction presents some interesting moments of indecision. Without drugs and alcohol in the system, every day awareness and decisions seem confusing. Are you hungry or are you tired? Do you need to do something or do you feel like you need to do something for a reason other than why you would be doing something? What do you really need when you are in a moment of doubt? Learning to think for yourself is a challenge when you aren’t thinking about drugs and alcohol. Just how much time, focus, and idea of needs is put into drugs and alcohol is often a surprise to people once they are in recovery. Taking suggestions is a way of learning to help you help yourself. For all of the needs you aren’t able to find, define, and articulate yet, others can guide you.

Recovery doesn’t happen overnight

The instant you decide not to pick up a drug or a drink again, you are sober. Recovery is more than sobriety and it doesn’t happen overnight. You are still not in your best thinking and you are learning what being in recovery means. Taking suggestion is how you practice humility and humbleness by asking how things are done in a way that is conducive to you and your recovery, as well as the lives of others around you.

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