Techniques for Stress Management

Let’s face it. Stress is everywhere. Work, home and even sitting in traffic can be stressful. Chances are, you will not be able to remove all of the stress in your life without moving to an island. Even then, stress would most likely find you somehow. Just because you cannot guarantee having a 100% stress free life, does not mean that you cannot manage it.

Identifying the source of your stress is a good first step. Yes, you cannot remove every stressful situation because bills will come every month. You can still try to get rid of unnecessary stress. Identifying the main causes is way to put the sources of stress in perspective. What can you reduce and what will you have to accept? For example, you can prepare for bills but you have no control over traffic.

Does getting ready in the morning stress you out? Try to prepare for your day the evening before. Take 20 minutes to pick out your clothes, pack a lunch and maybe even get the coffee make ready. All of this cuts down time, and may make your mornings more stress-free. You can use this tip for any activity. Remember, plan and prepare for those times that you know cause you stress.

Pick up better coping tools! If you smoke cigarettes, eat bad foods, or drink too much caffeine or alcohol when you are stressed, you may want to try to cut down. Even though it feels like these coping tools help you when you are stressed, they are doing the opposite. Instead, how about going for a walk, exercising or spending time with a friend.

Acceptance goes a long way. This one takes some work, but it is possible. As previously noted, you can control your morning routine, but not an extra 30 minutes of commute time because of traffic. There will be times when you will have to talk yourself through it and accept that you cannot change the situation. Look at it like giving yourself relief. Put on some music and focus on your favorite song, instead of the traffic that you have no control over.

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