What to Do If My Teen Is Using Drugs?

Discovering your teen is using drugs can be alarming and devastating. You’ve loved him or her all your life, done everything possible to give them the best chance to succeed in school, and now this. You might feel angry, and that your trust has been betrayed. You might feel you are at fault for their drugging. It may be time to get some guidance, but first of all, do not blame yourself.

Blaming yourself will not help matters, it could lead to lowering your self esteem, which in turn can affect the way you handle the drug situation with your teenager. Steer clear of blaming or pointing the finger, and try not to pay attention to what you might perceive as judgement from others.

There are a number of options and considerations you have for helping your teen become drug free. One is to sit down for a talk, whereby you confront your teen with evidence of their drug use. Gather the evidence. Make sure to prepare your goals and expectations for the meeting ahead of time. Are you going to discipline them? How are you going to handle any sass? What are you going to do if your teen gets angry and barges out of the room, or house?

When you talk with your teen, plan to be completely honest by bringing up yourself or others in the family who have been or are addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is important for your teen to understand that addiction is a family disease.

You may not get the results you hope for during your first talk. Nevertheless, keep the focus on your teen’s well-being. Emphasize that teen drug related overdose deaths are climbing across the country, you are very concerned about this, and are even afraid for their life.

Even though your teen may not fess up during your first talk, the outcome of your talk may be more productive if you let them speak freely and uninterrupted. You can repeat what you heard them say, and then give your perspective. Try to set realistic goals with your teen, and let them in on negotiating the rules and consequences of their actions. Inquire about therapists in your area who treat teens with drug problems and addiction. You can look into outpatient and inpatient rehabs, too.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”—Rumi

In the context of a deepening relationship with your clinical team, at Infinity Malibu, you will identify personal values and beliefs, develop healthy coping strategies, and set a course for freedom from substance dependency. Don’t hesitate. Call us today. 888-266-9048

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