The Gift of Sobriety

You’ve tried to quit, but every time you make it past eight hours, you give in to the craving. Getting sober on your own can be very difficult, as well as dangerous. What about getting some help, right now? What about making that call you’ve been thinking about today and getting into a high end treatment facility that will help change your life? The holidays are here, you say, and you have a laundry list of reasons not to go to treatment from your family to holiday parties.

Think back to your recent presence in family holiday parties and get togethers. Did they prove to be joyful for your family because you drink alcoholically? Were you high during family get togethers, or did you get high while you were there? Is it possible you have wishful thinking to show up this year, but you’ve missed other holiday celebrations? You always came to the gathering and headed straight for the bar. Your behavior may have been less than joyful or you just fell asleep on the couch, intoxicated. Addiction and alcoholism can take some of the best moments of our lives away from us.

Ask your best friend to help you find a rehab. If you don’t have any friends you can rely on, call a help line and ask them for help. Find a rehab near you that has excellent recommendations, or one that meets your needs, like privacy and discretion. Call your insurance company. Find someone to feed your cat or house sit your dog. Mail your holiday packages or ask someone to do it for you. Tell your employer you’re sorry for the short notice, but you have to go to the hospital for a few weeks. Ask a relative for a ride. Whatever it is you have to do, become willing to do those things and take action to do it. You’ll quickly realize that the best way you could possibly celebrate this holiday is by celebrating your life, by making the decision to save it.  

With all of these plans in motion, you may be anxious and scared, but try with all your might not to drink. Start packing before you are tempted to drink. Stick with your plan to go to treatment. Tell yourself that treatment is your holiday gift to yourself, and the rest of the world. You’re on your way. You’re doing great.

Getting sober will be your holiday gift to yourself, and the gift of a lifetime. You deserve joy in your life again. You can do this!

“I have never regretted not drinking. Say this to yourself, and you’ll get through anything.”

― Meredith Bell

Infinity Malibu is staffed by certified alcohol and drug counselors and case managers, and licensed therapists specializing in addictive and co-occurring disorders. Our expertise lends itself to the treatment of chemical dependency and associated psychological problems. Come in for the holidays, stay infinitely sober. Don’t wait till it’s too late, call 888-266-9048 now!

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