The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Recovery is so great, and not just because we are sober. In recovery we have the ability to learn so much about ourselves and our behaviors. We can become our highest and best. Taking a look at the stories we tell ourselves can help us gain compassion for ourselves and others.

The stories we make up tell us a lot about how we view ourselves and others. The stories we tell are just that, stories. When we don’t have the facts about someone, or a certain situation, we may have the tendency to make up a story. It’s a good idea not to make up stories in the first place. Stories lack perspective because they’re one-sided. They can be biased or slant towards negativity.

Telling stories about someone can be construed as gossip. Who wants to be a gossiping sober person? When we gossip about someone, we tell the world a lot about ourselves. Stories or gossip take the focus off ourselves. We could have low self-esteem, so we shed bad light on someone else in order to pump ourselves up. We project our own negative feelings about ourselves onto another person.

Telling stories can be manipulative, too. We want a certain outcome, and frame a story to our advantage. Access the adage: If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, than don’t say it at all. Learning to catch ourselves before we blurt out a story can improve our self esteem.  

Our negative self image could come from childhood sexual or physical abuse, incest, rape, emotional battering, and neglect. It can be carried over from our family’s attitude towards us during childhood, a bully at school, a mean teacher or coach—from any number of people or traumas. Getting into therapy gives us an opportunity to understand our low self esteem. Why do we think we were stupid in school? Why do we tell and retell ourselves the story we are never going to amount to anything?

Consider the law of attraction. What we put out, returns with equal force. Low self-esteem keeps us stuck. There’s a big beautiful, albeit, sometimes scary, world out there for us to fully encounter. We can decide to dash the stories we tell ourselves and create mantras. Mantras can be encouraging like: I am brave, I am courageous. They can be instructive like: I am strong and can accomplish anything I want.

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