This Too Shall Pass

Using the slogan This Too Shall Pass can be a very helpful tool for you in recovery. It offers hope that whatever you are going through isn’t permanent. This doesn’t relate to the physical world, but rather to your emotional world.

If something catastrophic happens in our live our chances for obtaining a modicum of peace surrounding our situation is more probable If we are in recovery, than if we were out drinking and drugging. We have a fellowship that lifts us up. We have people to confide in about our pain. We share camaraderie and a common goal. When we say This Too Shall Pass, we are speaking to our emotional plight.

If we continue not to drink one day at a time, eventually, no matter the loss, we will feel better and the heaviness will pass. It is the same as when we lose a loved one from cancer, old age, war, crime or an accident. We think we will never get over the loss, but we will on some level. It is the same as when our spouse leaves us for another: This Too Shall Pass.

Anger is a natural reaction to events that change the course of our lives. We might be really angry that we are an alcoholic and can never drink again in safety. It is said that anger is grief stored in the heart. We must grieve our losses, and we must do everything in our power not to let our anger turn into bitterness. Bitterness is a like dead end.

Being bitter serves no purpose. It’s like a clamp or glue, wherein we can’t free ourselves. Bitterness is self-destructive. If we do feel bitter, it is best to acknowledge it to ourselves. Acknowledging our bitterness can take the sting out of it. We might then feel vulnerable, and have a good cry.

This Too Shall Pass can keep us on a steady course. We will move through our pain, we will grow stronger from what we have been through, and we will stay sober because that’s what’s best for us!

“Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary storm … No matter how raging the billows are today, remind yourself: This too shall pass!”—J.D. Jakes

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